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Workforce Management Suite Improves Efficiency for Women’s Health Clinic

Today’s case study looks at a small women’s health clinic jointly owned by three OB/GYNs. Our example company employs three full-time nurse practitioners, two part-time nurse midwives, six part-time medical assistants, a part-time sonographer, and a very busy office manager.

The practice faced the numerous challenges common to private medical professionals: complicated regulatory compliance, maintaining a sufficient patient base in an uncertain health insurance market, hiring and retaining skilled staff members, increasing costs for malpractice insurance, and delayed reimbursements.

Excessive Admin Time Was Hampering Operations

The owners knew that profitability depended on improving processes and there was sufficient room for improvement when it came to Workforce Management. Though the office manager was extremely capable, she wasn’t able to manage all the patient scheduling, employee scheduling, records updating, and billing—while simultaneously running the front desk.

Let Doctors Be Doctors

The three physician/owners had divided the extra work among themselves, and they knew that this wasn’t the ideal use of their time. In fact, it was taking time away from patient care. However, there just wasn’t money in the budget to hire HR staff, as the two year-old practice had not yet turned a profit and they needed to upgrade some of their equipment.

Solution – Workforce Management Suite

It was the office manager who talked the owners into trying Workforce Management Suite-which is the leading Workforce Management system for private healthcare practices. Workforce Management Suite consists of TimeWorksPlus, TimeSimplicity, TimeWorks Mobile, and TimeWorksTouch. She believed that if she could limit the admin time spent by the owners, the standard of patient care and profitability would both rise, and, hopefully, ensure that the practice would start turning a profit and stay in business for the long haul. During her 25-year career as a private practice office manager, she knew that the first few years were touch-and-go, and she was fully committed to her employers’ success and benefited from a profit-sharing arrangement.

Quick and Easy Setup

The office manager didn’t have time for lengthy training and appreciated how easy it was to set up employees in the system so they could manage their own time cards, create schedules (from the built-in templates) that minimized the confusion for the part-timers, input time and attendance data directly to the payroll system, and handle multiple layers of regulatory compliance.

Sharing HR Tasks With Employees

Before Workforce Management Suite implementation, the employees continually contacted the office manager about shift changes, time card errors, and PTO accruals. Now, staff members can monitor all these things on their own.

The system also allows the office manager to assign employee codes that are linked to the scheduling tool. This makes sure that the caregivers with the needed certifications are scheduled appropriately.

Intelligent Automation Made The Difference

Three weeks after the system conversion, the office manager had reduced admin time so significantly that the owners no longer had to help her keep up. This, in turn, brought improved efficiency and gave the owner/physicians some breathing room in their already-hectic schedules. Healthcare operations work best when doctors can be doctors.

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