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Need to decrease costs? How about reducing admin and labor costs by 20%?

Where do you start?

Consolidate Your Human Resources

  1. Get WorkforceHUB from Payroll Solutions
  2. Use best practices for Human Resources functions

When all Human Resources is tracked in one platform, you can improve efficiency for hundreds of HR functions.

What Is WorkforceHUB?

WorkforceHUB is an integrated suite of powerful HR software products. It has an interface (or portal) through which employees, managers, and admin manage HR.

WorkforceHUB contains:

  1. TimeWorksPlus
  2. TimeSimplicity
  3. ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking
  4. HUB document management

You access WorkforceHUB on a web browser with a connected device. 

How Does An Employee Use WorkforceHUB?

The employee opens the WorkforceHUB app. 

If they are an hourly worker, they clock in for their shift.

WorkforceHUB Employee Dashboard

  • Clock in/out
  • Current punch status
  • At a glance: next pay date, link to company directory, upcoming events
  • Links to recent pay stubs
  • Employee rewards: discounts, promotions
  • Engagement: employee recognition board, check-ins, anonymous suggestion box, chat
  • Communication center: messages from the administrator, manager, or team members
  • Links to documents: may be company-wide or employee-specific
  • Time card
  • Work schedule: multiple views, shift change requests, approvals, open shifts
  • Time off: requests, approvals, PTO balance
  • General HR: to do lists, employee filing cabinet, company news, upcoming events, links to employee handbook and other documents
  • Tax forms/pay stubs

How Does A Manager Use WorkforceHUB?

Managers have all HR information in a centralized location. It is updated in real time. 

Employee Tracking

They see who is clocked in and when they clocked in. GPS lets them see where mobile or offsite employees are working. Geofencing restricts out-of-area punches.

Manager Approvals

All requests and approvals are tracked in the same place. Supervisors approve shift changes, time off requests, and time cards. 

Manager Shift Scheduling

In TimeSimplicity, supervisors create employee schedules. Just drag employees into shifts. Use the templates or make your own.

Schedule Alerts

TimeSimplicity will alert you if you double book an employee at two areas. It also lets you set limits for maximum hours to prevent pricey overtime.

Shift Rules

Do you have shift requirements for skills and/or certifications?TimeSimplicity compares shift requirements with the employees scheduled. It will alert you if you don’t schedule the pre-set number of employees with the necessary skills/certifications.

Applicant Tracking with ApplicantStack

ApplicantStack is the applicant tracking software in WorkforceHUB.

ApplicantStack handles it all:

  • Job descriptions
  • Custom questionnaires with knockout questions
  • Job posting to multiple job boards
  • Candidate scoring
  • Interview scripts
  • Interview scheduling
  • Gather team feedback
  • Background and reference checks

Lower Administrative Costs

WorkforceHUB automates up to 80% of Human Resources tools. Create checklists. Assign tasks to team members and record progress. Your team can collaborate easily from any mobile device.

Let’s discuss WorkforceHUB actions linked to workflow stages. 

This begins during hiring. When a job candidate applies online, it triggers an application confirmation email. If the hiring manager wants to advance them to the interview stage, ApplicantStack sends an email with a link to the schedule calendar. ApplicantStack uses merge fields to customize the message with the job role, applicant name, and other corresponding information. 

As the applicant moves through recruiting stages, ApplicantStack carry outs requirements relevant to the stage.

When you change a new hire’s stage to onboarding, WorkforceHUB automates the onboarding procedures. It emails the new hire paperwork. E-signature allows the worker to sign the needed documents. Process tracking certifies completion.

Now that we’ve provided a brief overview of WorkforceHUB, let’s do the math.

  • Reduce Overtime—5% Savings in Labor Costs
  • Optimize Shift Scheduling—3% Savings In Labor Costs
  • Reduce Cost-Per-Hire—5% Savings In Hiring Costs
  • Automate Human Resources Functions-4% Savings
  • Reduce Employee Time Theft-3% Savings

Total: 20% decrease in labor and admin costs!


Contact Payroll Solutions for information regarding WorkforceHUB™UPGRADE TODAY

Payroll Solutions offers WorkforceHUB, the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) that makes it easy to optimize the performance of your managers, employees, and company workflows.

WorkforceHUB includes TimeWorksPlus, TimeSimplicity, TimeWorks Mobile, and ApplicantStack. We’ve just added recruiting, onboarding, benefits enrollment, performance reviews, and employee engagement! WorkforceHUB was created for busy employers like you who need to reduce cost-per-hire, streamline scheduling, automate time tracking, maintain regulatory compliance, and reduce labor costs.

How much can you save? Check our Payroll Solutions ROI Calculator.

We can get you up and running with WorkforceHUB immediately. Contact us today to set up a demo.

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