Workforce Management Suite

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Workforce Management Suite
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SwipeClock’s Workforce Management Suite combines the premier, cloud-based time & attendance service (TimeWorksPlus) with the industry’s most flexible and powerful scheduling solution (TimeSimplicity). Workforce Management Suite provides a complete workforce management package with common access and administration at a reduced price point. Benefits include simplified deployment, integrated management, common reporting and single-point employee administration.

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Employee account data is common between TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity – all adds, updates and deletes are common across both services.

Employees and managers can access schedules as well as approve time cards and review punch data from the SwipeClock mobile apps for IOS and Android.

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Get Schedule deviation reports showing planned schedules (TimeSimplicity) to actual hours worked (TimeWorksPlus). Valuable for not only monitoring actual schedule coverage but useful for analyzing actual costs against budget.

Manager and employee access to all online services and information (time cards, calendars, time-off requests, shift trades, PTO balances and more) is available through a single login. One credential access to timekeeping and schedule.

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Workforce Management Suite.
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Workforce Management Benefits.
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See how Workforce Management solutions can help you better service managers and employees while controlling labor costs and streamline timekeeping and payroll processing.

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